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Title:L'Île mystérieuse [With French-English Glossary]
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Jules Verne
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Category:Science fiction, Adventure, Classics, Fantasy, France

L'Île mystérieuse [With French-English Glossary] by Jules Verne

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC L'Île mystérieuse [With French-English Glossary] This edition is intended to help the advanced learner by providing English translations of most words found in the text To find the definition of a word just follow the link on it to its glossary entry Reading the classics never was this easy The built in glossary is compatible with all versions of Kindle including Kindle apps and devices

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Around the World in Eighty Days (Extraordinary Voyages, #11)

i To go around the world in such a short time and with the means of transport currently available was not only impossible it was madness i br br One ill fated evening at the Reform Club Phileas Fogg rashly bets his companions that he can travel around the entire globe in just eighty days and he is determined not to lose Breaking the well establised routine of his daily life the reserved Englishman immediately sets off for Dover accompanied by his hot blooded French manservant Passepartout Travelling by train steamship sailing boat sledge and even elephant they must overcome storms kidnappings natural disasters Sioux attacks and the dogged Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard who believes that Fogg has robbed the Bank of England to win the extraordinary wager i Around the World in Eighty Days i gripped audiences on its publication and remains hugely popular combining exploration adventure and a thrilling race against time br br Michael Glencross s lively translation is accompanied by an introduction by Brian Aldiss which places Jules Verne s work in its literary and historical context There is also a detailed chronology notes and further reading

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Extraordinary Voyages, #3)

The intrepid Professor Liedenbrock embarks upon the strangest expedition of the nineteenth century a journey down an extinct Icelandic volcano to the Earth s very core In his quest to penetrate the planet s primordial secrets the geologist together with his quaking nephew Axel and their devoted guide Hans discovers an astonishing subterranean menagerie of prehistoric proportions Verne s imaginative tale is at once the ultimate science fiction adventure and a reflection on the perfectibility of human understanding and the psychology of the questor

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Five Union prisoners escape from the siege of Richmond in a balloon are blown off course and crash on an uncharted island They must learn to rebuild a society for themselves while awaiting rescue

From the Earth to the Moon (Extraordinary Voyages, #4)

Verne s tale of a trip to the moon is as you d expect from Verne great fun even if bits of it now seem in retrospect a little strange Our rocket ship gets shot out of a cannon To the moon Goodness But in other ways it s full of eerie bits of business that turned out to be very near reality he had the cost when you adjust for inflation almost exactly right There are other similarities too Verne s cannon was named the Columbiad the Apollo command module was named Columbia Apollo had a three person crew just as Verne s did and both blasted off from the American state of Florida Even the return to earth happened in more or less the same place Coincidence or fact We say you ll have to read this story yourself to judge

Five Weeks in a Balloon (Extraordinary Voyages, #1)

There was a large audience assembled on the th of January at the session of the Royal Geographical Society No Waterloo Place London The president Sir Francis M made an important communication to his colleagues in an address that was frequently interrupted by applause This rare specimen of eloquence terminated with the following sonorous phrases bubbling over with patriotism England has always marched at the head of nations for the reader will observe the nations always march at the head of each other by the intrepidity of her explorers in the line of geographical discovery General assent Dr Samuel Ferguson one of her most glorious sons will not reflect discredit on his origin No indeed from all parts of the hall

In Search of the Castaways; or the Children of Captain Grant (Extraordinary Voyages, #5)

ALL that could be discovered however on these pieces of paper was a few words here and there the remainder of the lines being almost completely obliterated by the action of the water Lord Glenarvan examined them attentively for a few minutes turning them over on all sides holding them up to the light and trying to decipher the least scrap of writing while the others looked on with anxious eyes

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and other Classic Novels

Writing in France in the nineteenth century Jules Verne captured his era s fascination with adventure and exploration in a series of novels he referred to as his Voyages extraordinaries This book collects six of Verne s best known novels that extrapolate developing technology and scientific inquisitiveness into rousing adventures br br Five weeks in a balloon br Journey to the center of the earth br From the earth to the moon br Round the moon br Twenty thousand leagues under the sea br Around the world in eighty days

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