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Title:Demian: Histoire de la jeunesse d'Émile Sinclair (Littérature & Documents)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Hermann Hesse, Marcel Schneider, Denise Riboni, Bernadette Burn
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Category:Fiction, Classics, Philosophy, Literature, German literature, Novels

Demian: Histoire de la jeunesse d'Émile Sinclair (Littérature & Documents) by Hermann Hesse, Marcel Schneider, Denise Riboni, Bernadette Burn

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Demian: Histoire de la jeunesse d'Émile Sinclair (Littérature & Documents) p Texte int gral r vis suivi d une biographie de Hermann Hesse Les crivains lorsqu ils composent des romans font souvent comme s ils taient Dieu et comme s ils pouvaient embrasser et comprendre dans son ensemble une vie humaine quelconque et la raconter comme Dieu pourrait se la raconter sans voile en accordant chacun de ses pisodes la m me valeur Cela je ne le puis pas plus qu ils ne le peuvent Mais mon histoire est pour moi plus importante que pour n importe quel crivain la sienne car elle m appartient en propre et elle est l histoire d un homme non pas invent id al n existant pas en dehors du livre mais d un homme qui une fois a v cu r ellement Ce qu est un homme qui vit r ellement on le sait aujourd hui moins que jamais et l on tue ses semblables dont chacun est un essai unique et pr cieux en masse Si nous n tions pas autre chose que des tres ne vivant qu une fois une balle de fusil suffirait en effet supprimer chacun de nous et alors raconter des histoires n aurait plus aucun sens Mais chaque homme n est pas lui m me seulement Il est aussi le point unique particulier toujours important en lequel la vie de l univers se condense d une fa on sp ciale qui ne se r p te jamais C est pourquoi l histoire de tout homme est importante ternelle divine C est pourquoi chaque homme par le fait seul qu il vit et accomplit la volont de la nature est remarquable et digne d attention En chacun de nous l esprit est devenu chair en chacun de nous souffre la cr ature en chacun de nous un r dempteur est crucifi Hermann Hesse p p p p p p p p p p p


Siddhartha br br Este libro electr nico tiene una mesa activa de los contenidos br br Siddhartha es una novela de Hermann Hesse que se ocupa del viaje espiritual de unni o conocido como Siddhartha del subcontinente indio durante el tiempo del Buda br El libro novena novela de Hesse fue escrita en alem n en un estilo sencillo peropotente y l rica Se public en los EE UU en y se convirti en influyente durante lad cada de Hesse Siddharta dedicada a Ninon Hesse su esposa br La palabra Siddharta se compone de dos palabras en el idioma s nscrito siddha alcanzado artha es decir o la riqueza Las dos palabras juntas significan el queha encontrado el significado de existencia o el que ha alcanzado sus objetivos El nombre del Buda antes de su renuncia fue el pr ncipe Siddharta Gautama En estelibro el Buda se refiere como Gotama


i Steppenwolf i is a poetical self portrait of a man who felt himself to be half human and half wolf This Faust like and magical story is evidence of Hesse s searching philosophy and extraordinary sense of humanity as he tells of the humanization of a middle aged misanthrope Yet this novel can also be seen as a plea for rigorous self examination and an indictment of the intellectual hypocrisy of the period As Hesse himself remarked Of all my books i Steppenwolf i is the one that was more often and more violently misunderstood than any other

Demian. Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend

Emil Sinclair ist ein Junge der in einem als Scheinwelt beschrieben b rgerlichen Elternhaus aufgewachsen ist Dies ist die dramatische Geschichte seines Abstiegs gesteuert durch sein fr hreifen Schulkamerad Max Demian in eine geheime und gef hrliche Welt der Kleinkriminalit t und Revolte gegen Konvention und seiner Erwachen zu Selbstheit

Narcissus and Goldmund

i Narcissus and Goldmund i tells the story of two medieval men whose characters are diametrically opposite Narcissus an ascetic monk firm in his religious commitment and Goldmund a romantic youth hungry for knowledge and worldly experience First published in the novel remains a moving and pointed exploration of the conflict between the life of the spirit and the life of the flesh It is a theme that transcends all time

The Glass Bead Game

The final novel of Hermann Hesse for which he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in The Glass Bead Game is a fascinating tale of the complexity of modern life as well as a classic of modern literature br br Set in the rd century The Glass Bead Game is the story of Joseph Knecht who has been raised in Castalia the remote place his society has provided for the intellectual elite to grow and flourish Since childhood Knecht has been consumed with mastering the Glass Bead Game which requires a synthesis of aesthetics and scientific arts such as mathematics music logic and philosophy which he achieves in adulthood becoming a Magister Ludi Master of the Game

Beneath the Wheel

In Hermann Hesse s i Beneath the Wheel i or i The Prodigy i Hans Giebenrath lives among the dull and respectable townsfolk of a sleepy Black Forest village When he is discovered to be an exceptionally gifted student the entire community presses him onto a path of serious scholarship Hans dutifully follows the regimen of study and endless examinations his success rewarded only with more crushing assignments When Hans befriends a rebellious young poet he begins to imagine other possibilities outside the narrowly circumscribed world of the academy Finally sent home after a nervous breakdown Hans is revived by nature and romance and vows never to return to the gray conformity of the academic system

The Journey to the East

In simple mesmerizing prose Hermann Hesse s i Journey to the East i tells of a journey both geographic and spiritual H H a German choirmaster is invited on an expedition with the League a secret society whose members include Paul Klee Mozart and Albertus Magnus The participants traverse both space and time encountering Noah s Ark in Zurich and Don Quixote at Bremgarten The pilgrims ultimate destination is the East the Home of the Light where they expect to find spiritual renewal Yet the harmony that ruled at the outset of the trip soon degenerates into open conflict Each traveler finds the rest of the group intolerable and heads off in his own direction with H H bitterly blaming the others for the failure of the journey It is only long after the trip while poring over records in the League archives that H H discovers his own role in the dissolution of the group and the ominous significance of the journey itself

Peter Camenzind

Peter Camenzind a young man from a Swiss mountain village leaves his home and eagerly takes to the road in search of new experience Traveling through Italy and France Camenzind is increasingly disillusioned by the suffering he discovers around him after failed romances and a tragic friendship his idealism fades into crushing hopelessness He finds peace again only when he cares for Boppi an invalid who renews Camenzind s love for humanity and inspires him once again to find joy in the smallest details of every life


With i Gertrude i Herman Hesse continues his lifelong exploration of the irreconcilable elements of human existence In this fictional memoir the renowned composer Kuhn recounts his tangled relationships with two artists his friend Heinrich Muoth a brooding self destructive opera singer and the gentle self assured Gertrude Imthor Kuhn is drawn to Gertrude upon their first meeting but Gertrude falls in love with Heinrich to whom she is introduced when Kuhn auditions them for the leads in his new opera Hopelessly ill matched Gertrude and Heinrich have a disastrous marriage that leaves them both ruined Yet this tragic affair also becomes the inspiration for Kuhn s opera the most important success of his artistic life

Demian / Siddhartha

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Demian. Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend, Gertrude, Siddhartha, Demian / Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, Beneath the Wheel, Narcissus and Goldmund, The Journey to the East, The Glass Bead Game, Peter Camenzind