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Title:La Femme d'En Haut (Folio)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Claire Messud, France Camus-Pichon
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:
Category:Fiction, Literary fiction, Contemporary

La Femme d'En Haut (Folio) by Claire Messud, France Camus-Pichon

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC La Femme d'En Haut (Folio) Nora ressemble votre voisine du dessus celle qui vous sourit chaleureusement dans l escalier mais dont vous ignorez tout Lorsque la belle Sirena accompagn e de son mari et de son fils fait irruption dans son existence d institutrice d vou e elle r veille un flot de sentiments longtemps r prim s Mais chappe t on r ellement au statut de femme de second plan .

Claire Messud brise avec acidit le mythe de la femme sans histoires pour la r v ler grin ante et en col re habit e d espoirs fous et in vitablement de fracassantes d sillusions

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A bracing hypnotic coming of age story about the bond of best friends from the em New York Times em best selling author of em The Emperor s Children em br br Julia and Cassie have been friends since nursery school They have shared everything including their desire to escape the stifling limitations of their birthplace the quiet town of Royston Massachusetts But as the two girls enter adolescence their paths diverge and Cassie sets out on a journey that will put her life in danger and shatter her oldest friendship br br Claire Messud one of our finest novelists is as accomplished at weaving a compelling fictional world as she is at asking the big questions To what extent can we know ourselves and others What are the stories we create to comprehend our lives and relationships Brilliantly mixing fable and coming of age tale em The Burning Girl em gets to the heart of these matters in an absolutely irresistible way

The Last Life

Remembrance of Things Past br I find myself wanting to translate the world inside br br Sagesse LaBasse the teenage protagonist of Claire Messud s i The Last Life i lives in a fragile world held together by the secrets of its past Her family owns the Hotel Bellevue a summer retreat for the well to do set on the cliffs of southern France the view is back toward Algeria which her paternal grandparents fled during its struggle for independence from France As her grandmother laments Every morning I wake up and look out my window at the Mediterranean sea vast and creeping and I smell the pines and the heat on the breeze rising up the clifftop and I m in Algiers again I live still in my heart in Algeria br br The loss of their homeland is always present to the LaBasses and the consequent search for identity both reflects and compounds other difficulties Sagesse s father fleshy ingratiating explosive languishes under his own father s control and is often unfaithful to Sagesse s mother an American who tries to pass as French Meanwhile their young son Etienne is so severely mentally and physically impaired that his birth is likened to the clanging of their prison door Sagesse s grandmother looks on with cool resignation and her grandfather the family s hot headed patriarch will let no one rest When late one night the old man fires his rifle into a group of children swimming at the hotel s pool no one is seriously injured but the family s livelihood is put at risk and long simmering resentments find an outlet br br Sagesse is the perfect narrator for this fractured situation She is neither French nor American not a girl yet not quite a woman Her grandfather s rash act causes her to lose her friends at school and she is forced to seek out the very pot smokers I had readily disparaged little over a month before These new friends upon realizing her family s past having been French colonists they are suspected of being racists and members of the National Front and relative wealth also abandon her With guests trickling away from the hotel and tensions rising within the LaBasse family Sagesse tries to understand what remains and what place there might be for her br br Fortunately while her life may be painful she never finds it dull Sagesse s language is rich and evocative full of descriptive power Here for example she witnesses the market There were vegetable men and fruit women and stalls selling both blushing mounds of peaches alongside plump and purple eggplants pale splayed organs of fennel pressing their ridged tubes and feathered ends up against the sugar speckled wrinkled carcasses of North African dates the fishmongers sold their bullet eyed silver skinned slippery catch blood streaked fillets and orbed scored steaks milky scallops and encrusted oysters And here a painting of the Bay of Algiers its apron of azure sea erratically white capped broken by the sandstone finger of the port the white rise of the city a thousand precise terraces and roofs climbing into the sunlit sky the European curlicues and the higgledy piggledy casbah all their outlines drawn as if with a single hair interspersed with delicate little palms and cypresses and other trees of variegated greens and with broad brown avenues like branches br br A brilliant complex world is formed by the accretion of these images and they are juxtaposed and spur each other seamlessly multiplying atmosphere and complicating plot lines While most of the novel s events take place around Sagesse tells of them from a time almost a decade later when she is a graduate student of the history of ideas at Columbia This frame constructed of occasional asides and short passages allows a fluidity where revelations from the past and future cause momentum to shift and whirl the dead rise their movements sharper and words more portentous with the reader s knowledge of coming tragedy This later perspective also enables Sagesse to add deft hints and wise commentary Looking back on herself for instance she says Children do not have words to ask and so do not imagine asking not asking and not imagining they eradicate distance they take for granted that everything someday will be understood br br i The Last Life i stands as a testament to reflection to making sense of an unruly past It is also a kind of autobiography an attempt to constitute an identity In its ebb and flow of images action and ideas the narrative deals so well with this attempt implicitly that it s unfortunate that it must also be treated explicitly Frequent asides concerning identity and the nature of the self the one thing that would not leave me the only and inadequate definition of my I seem unnecessary they lure Sagesse into self dramatization and contain the novel s most uneven prose Some readers may find that such self analysis helps characterize the narrator but it s difficult to believe the story wouldn t be stronger without it br br Still the novel s concern with such weighty questions is representative of its and Sagesse s fearlessness As she seeks the truth about her family and herself she also reflects on politics and race dreaming of a Mediterranean culture democratic and polyphonous while simultaneously acknowledging its impossibility This seeming contradiction must be borne she learns since to blindly accept what has happened is to forget alternatives and to repeat mistakes I live as if this might have been existed she writes shimmering in the imaginary and if it is but an as if I have learned then it is none the less real for that br br i The Last Life i ultimately concerns itself with questions of fate and self determination In a world of disasters Sagesse wonders if and how they might have been avoided The abiding question was it fate Is our ending inscribed in our beginning and if so in whose beginning The obvious answer she says is that we cannot escape our fate that our choices are illusory The richness found in her story however suggests the less obvious answer that we might affect our fate and better confront the present and future if we work to come to an understanding with our past

When the World Was Steady

In this highly acclaimed novel life isn t all Emmy and Virginia Simpson anticipated When Emmy s marriage to an Australian man ends she flees her home in Sydney to find herself on the island of Bali only to become embroiled with a crew of international misfits and smugglers Her prim and pious sister Virginia meanwhile has never wandered far outside of London Struggling to find meaning she follows her aging mother s advice to vacation on the Isle of Skye On these two islands halfway around the world the middle aged sisters confront the costs of self knowledge and their destinies with unexpected consequences br br br A novelist of unnerving talent em New York Times Book Review em br br br Messud has the daring and assurance to take on Iris Murdoch like questions about goodness and truth em The New Yorker em br br br Beautiful Messud has the imagination the craft and the understanding of human nature to write about anything she chooses em Chicago Tribune em

The Hunters

This is a collection of two very different short stories A Simple Tale tells the story of Maria Poniatowski and her life The Hunters is the tale of an American doing research one summer in London and the relationship that she develops with her neighbour

The Professor's History

In The Professor s History a French historian travels to Algeria to uncover the terrible truth about his country s actions in the region His search leads him to a story which has lain untold but unforgotten for many years br br Claire Messud s work has been hailed for its sweeping appeal and its sheer beauty She explores themes of connection and isolation with unexcelled power and grace

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Ploughshares Summer 2016 Guest-Edited by Claire Messud & James Wood

The Summer issue of Ploughshares Ploughshares is an award winning journal of new writing Two out of each year s three issues are guest edited by prominent writers who explore different personal visions aesthetics and literary circles with the Winter issue staff edited br br This th anniversary issue guest edited by novelist Claire Messud and literary critic James Wood includes new work from Viet Thanh Nguyen winner of the Pulitzer Prize Lydia Davis Carys Davies and more In their introduction Messud and Wood write No matter its form we sought to include fiction that is vivid vital and urgent Ranging from realism to allegory to experimental the work in this issue highlights the amazing breadth of capabilities of the short story br br This issue is dedicated to Daniel Aaron a longtime friend consultant and former Ploughshares Trustee who presided over our formal affiliation with Emerson College in br br

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The Burning Girl, The Hunters, The Emperor's Children, When the World Was Steady, The Woman Upstairs, My Town: Writers on American Cities, The Last Life, Radical Hope: Letters of Love and Dissent in Dangerous Times, Ploughshares Summer 2016 Guest-Edited by Claire Messud & James Wood, The Professor's History