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Title:L'Intérêt de l'enfant
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Ian McEwan, France Camus-Pichon
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:229
Category:Fiction, Contemporary, Literary fiction, British literature

L'Intérêt de l'enfant by Ian McEwan, France Camus-Pichon

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC L'Intérêt de l'enfant A l ge de cinquante neuf ans Fiona Maye est une brillante magistrate la Haute Cour de Londres o elle exerce en tant que sp cialiste du droit de la famille Passionn e parfois m me hant e par son travail elle en d laisse sa vie personnelle et son mari Jack Surtout depuis cette nouvelle affaire Adam Henry un adolescent de dix sept ans atteint de leuc mie risque la mort et les croyances religieuses de sa famille interdisent la transfusion sanguine qui pourrait le sauver Avant de rendre son jugement Fiona d cide soudainement de se rendre l h pital pour rencontrer Adam Mais cette entrevue au cours de laquelle elle d couvre un jeune homme romantique po te et musicien la trouble D sormais impliqu e personnellement la magistrate d cide de tout faire pour sauver Adam Seulement sa d cision n est pas sans cons quences et elle se retrouve unie au gar on par un lien trange qui pourrait bien causer leur perte Dans ce court roman Ian McEwan allie avec justesse la froideur de la justice la po sie et la musicalit qui impr gnent la vie des personnages Dans un style limpide il construit une de ces ambiances oppressantes dont il a la cl et fait preuve d une complexit th matique impressionnante A la lecture les certitudes se d robent o s arr te et o commence l int r t de l enfant


Ian McEwan s symphonic novel of love and war childhood and class guilt and forgiveness provides all the satisfaction of a brilliant narrative and the provocation we have come to expect from this master of English prose br br On a hot summer day in thirteen year old Briony Tallis witnesses a moment s flirtation between her older sister Cecilia and Robbie Turner the son of a servant and Cecilia s childhood friend But Briony s incomplete grasp of adult motives together with her precocious literary gifts brings about a crime that will change all their lives As it follows that crime s repercussions through the chaos and carnage of World War II and into the close of the twentieth century i Atonement i engages the reader on every conceivable level with an ease and authority that mark it as a genuine masterpiece


An astonishing novel that captures the fine balance of happiness and the unforeseen threats that can destroy it A brilliant thrilling page turner that will keep readers on the edge of their seats br br From the pen of a master the bestselling Booker Prize winning author of Atonement comes an astonishing novel that captures the fine balance of happiness and the unforeseen threats that can destroy it A brilliant thrilling page turner that will keep readers on the edge of their seats br br Saturday is a masterful novel set within a single day in February Henry Perowne is a contented man a successful neurosurgeon happily married to a newspaper lawyer and enjoying good relations with his children Henry wakes to the comfort of his large home in central London on this his day off He is as at ease here as he is in the operating room Outside the hospital the world is not so easy or predictable There is an impending war against Iraq and a general darkening and gathering pessimism since the New York and Washington attacks two years before br br On this particular Saturday morning Perowne s day moves through the ordinary to the extraordinary After an unusual sighting in the early morning sky he makes his way to his regular squash game with his anaesthetist trying to avoid the hundreds of thousands of marchers filling the streets of London protesting against the war A minor accident in his car brings him into a confrontation with a small time thug To Perowne s professional eye something appears to be profoundly wrong with this young man who in turn believes the surgeon has humiliated him with savage consequences that will lead Henry Perowne to deploy all his skills to keep his family alive

On Chesil Beach

A novel of remarkable depth and poignancy from one of the most acclaimed writers of our time br br It is July Florence is a talented musician who dreams of a career on the concert stage and of the perfect life she will create with Edward an earnest young history student at University College of London who unexpectedly wooed and won her heart Newly married that morning both virgins Edward and Florence arrive at a hotel on the Dorset coast At dinner in their rooms they struggle to suppress their worries about the wedding night to come Edward eager for rapture frets over Florence s response to his advances and nurses a private fear of failure while Florence s anxieties run deeper she is overcome by sheer disgust at the idea of physical contact but dreads disappointing her husband when they finally lie down together in the honeymoon suite br br Ian McEwan has caught with understanding and compassion the innocence of Edward and Florence at a time when marriage was presumed to be the outward sign of maturity and independence On Chesil Beach is another masterwork from McEwan a story of lives transformed by a gesture not made or a word not spoken

The Children Act

A fiercely intelligent well respected High Court judge in London faces a morally ambiguous case while her own marriage crumbles in a novel that will keep readers thoroughly enthralled until the last stunning page br br Fiona Maye is a High Court judge in London presiding over cases in family court She is fiercely intelligent well respected and deeply immersed in the nuances of her particular field of law Often the outcome of a case seems simple from the outside the course of action to ensure a child s welfare obvious But the law requires more rigor than mere pragmatism and Fiona is expert in considering the sensitivities of culture and religion when handing down her verdicts br br But Fiona s professional success belies domestic strife Her husband Jack asks her to consider an open marriage and after an argument moves out of their house His departure leaves her adrift wondering whether it was not love she had lost so much as a modern form of respectability whether it was not contempt and ostracism she really fears She decides to throw herself into her work especially a complex case involving a seventeen year old boy whose parents will not permit a lifesaving blood transfusion because it conflicts with their beliefs as Jehovah s Witnesses But Jack doesn t leave her thoughts and the pressure to resolve the case as well as her crumbling marriage tests Fiona in ways that will keep readers thoroughly enthralled until the last stunning page

Sweet Tooth

Ian McEwan s mastery dazzles us in this superbly deft and witty story of betrayal and intrigue love and the invented self br br In this stunning new novel Ian McEwan s first female protagonist since Atonement is about to learn that espionage is the ultimate seduction br br Cambridge student Serena Frome s beauty and intelligence make her the ideal recruit for MI The year is The Cold War is far from over England s legendary intelligence agency is determined to manipulate the cultural conversation by funding writers whose politics align with those of the government The operation is code named Sweet Tooth br br Serena a compulsive reader of novels is the perfect candidate to infiltrate the literary circle of a promising young writer named Tom Haley At first she loves his stories Then she begins to love the man How long can she conceal her undercover life To answer that question Serena must abandon the first rule of espionage trust no one br br Once again Ian McEwan s mastery dazzles us in this superbly deft and witty story of betrayal and intrigue love and the invented self


On a chilly February day two old friends meet in the throng outside a London crematorium to pay their last respects to Molly Lane Both Clive Linley and Vernon Halliday had been Molly s lovers in the days before they reached their current eminence Clive is Britain s most successful modern composer and Vernon is editor of the newspaper i The Judge i Gorgeous feisty Molly had other lovers too notably Julian Garmony Foreign Secretary a notorious right winger tipped to be the next prime minister br br In the days that follow Molly s funeral Clive and Vernon will make a pact with consequences that neither could have foreseen Each will make a disastrous moral decision their friendship will be tested to its limits and Julian Garmony will be fighting for his political life A sharp contemporary morality tale cleverly disguised as a comic novel b Amsterdam b is as sheerly enjoyable a book as one is likely to pick up this year i The Washington Post Book World i

Enduring Love

Joe planned a postcard perfect afternoon in the English countryside to celebrate his lover s return after weeks in the States The perfect day turns to nightmare however when they are involved in freak ballooning accident in which a boy is saved but a man is killed In itself the accident would change the couple and the survivors lives filling them with an uneasy combination of shame happiness and endless self reproach But fate has far more unpleasant things in store for Joe Meeting the eye of fellow rescuer Jed Parry for example turns out to be a very bad move For Jed is instantly obsessed making the first of many calls to Joe and Clarissa s London flat that very night Soon he s openly shadowing Joe and writing him endless letters One insane epistle begins I feel happiness running through me like an electrical current I close my eyes and see you as you were last night in the rain across the road from me with the unspoken love between us as strong as steel cable Worst of all Jed s version of love comes to seem a distortion of Joe s feelings for Clarissa p Apart from the incessant stalking it is the conditionals the contingencies that most frustrate Joe a scientific journalist If only he and Clarissa had gone straight home from the airport If only the wind hadn t picked up If only he had saved Jed s messages in a single day Ian McEwan has long been a poet of the arbitrary nightmare his characters ineluctably swept up in others fantasies skidding into deepening violence and worst of all becoming strangers to those who love them Even his prose itself is a masterful and methodical exercise in de familiarisation But i Enduring Love i and its underrated predecessor i Black Dogs i are also meditations on knowledge and perception as well as brilliant manipulations of our own expectations By the novel s end you will be surprisingly unafraid of hot air balloons but you won t be too keen on looking a stranger in the eye i Alex Freeman i p


Michael Beard is a Nobel prize winning physicist whose best work is behind him and whose fifth marriage is crumbling However an invitation to travel to New Mexico offers him a chance for him to extricate himself from his marital problems reinvigorate his career and save the world from environmental disaster Can a man who has made a mess of his life clean up the messes of humanity br br Michael Beard is a Nobel prize winning physicist whose best work is behind him Trading on his reputation he speaks for enormous fees lends his name to the letterheads of renowned scientific institutions and half heartedly heads a government backed initiative tackling global warming While he coasts along in his professional life Michael s personal life is another matter entirely His fifth marriage is crumbling under the weight of his infidelities But this time the tables are turned His wife is having an affair and Michael realizes he is still in love with her br br When Michael s personal and professional lives begin to intersect in unexpected ways an opportunity presents itself in the guise of an invitation to travel to New Mexico Here is a chance for him to extricate himself from his marital problems reinvigorate his career and very possibly save the world from environmental disaster Can a man who has made a mess of his life clean up the messes of humanity br br A complex novel that brilliantly traces the arc of one man s ambitions and self deceptions Solar is a startling witty and stylish new work from one of the world s great writers

The Cement Garden

In this tour de force of psychological unease now a major motion picture starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sinead Cusack McEwan excavates the ruins of childhood and uncovers things that most adults have spent a lifetime forgetting or denying Possesses the suspense and chilling impact of Lord of the Flies Washington Post Book World


Trudy has betrayed her husband John She s still in the marital home a dilapidated priceless London townhouse but John s not here Instead she s with his brother the profoundly banal Claude and the two of them have a plan But there is a witness to their plot the inquisitive nine month old resident of Trudy s womb br br Told from a perspective unlike any other i Nutshell i is a classic tale of murder and deceit from one of the world s master storytellers

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