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Gunshow Superbook One pdf books
Title:Gunshow Superbook One
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:240

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This Is How You Lose Her

This Is How You Lose Her

On a beach in the Dominican Republic a doomed relationship flounders In the heat of a hospital laundry room in New Jersey a woman does her lover s washing and thinks about his wife In Boston a man buys his love child his only son a first baseball bat and glove At the heart of these stories is the irrepressible irresistible Yunior a young hardhead whose longing for love is equaled only by his recklessness and by the extraordinary women he loves and loses artistic Alma the aging Miss Lora Magdalena who thinks all Dominican men are cheaters and the love of his life whose heartbreak ultimately becomes his own br br In prose that is endlessly energetic inventive tender and funny the stories in i This Is How You Lose Her i lay bare the infinite longing and inevitable weakness of the human heart They remind us that passion always triumphs over experience and that the half life of love is forever

The Sausage Book: The Complete Guide to Making, Cooking, & Eating Sausages

The Sausage Book The Complete Guide to Making Cooking Eating Sausages

Sausages are one of the most satisfying foods to make at home and an excellent way to explore the world s diverse tastes and culinary traditions Nick and Johnny first demonstrate how to make simple sausages and cure and smoke them yourself They then show you how to use your sausages whether homemade or store bought in over recipes including Toulouse Sausage and Bean Cassoulet Berlin Bratwurst Cooked in Beer and Chorizo and Goat Cheese Tart Filled with intriguing historical information this is a good read as well as a useful cooking resource

Regular Show Vol. 1

Regular Show Vol

The first collection of the all ages comic sensation based on the top rated Cartoon Network animated series is finally here br br Get ready for a REGULAR SHOW trade that is anything but A monster living under the park that lives off of unruly energy Arm Wrestling training Mordecai and Rigby are always up to something One of Cartoon Network s top rated animated series is now a top selling comic book series with all new adventures by KC Green Gunshow and newcomer Allison Strejlau

Graveyard Quest

Graveyard Quest

Running the family business in the shadow of your father can be a drag especially when you re a gravedigger and that shadow is actually your dad s overly critical ghost From creator KC Green s hugely popular webcomic Gunshow Graveyard Quest follows a blue collar skeleton and his mole buddy on their journey to Hell and back to retrieve his most prized possession It s a story about the things we do for love and the many mistakes we make along the way

Regular Show Vol. 3

Regular Show Vol

A third collection of the best selling comic based on the Cartoon Network series br br It s time for a good dose of cleaning as Benson tries to organize the Park s yearly garage sale only Rigby is having some trouble letting go Banished to the garage Rigby comes across a mysterious pogs container that is about to give everyone at the Park a strong dose of the s and a pog match for their own souls REGULAR SHOW volume collects issues of the hit series based on the Cartoon Network animated comedy

Regular Show, Vol. 4

Regular Show Vol

When yuppies take over The Coffee Shop Rigby and Mordecai get priced out of their main hangout spot and they soon discover that there s more to this hive mind trend than meets the eye Time for a dark roast single origin cold brewed caffeine battle Can Margaret and Eileen resist the siren song of dollar lattes or will the guys caffeine source be shut off forever Acclaimed cartoonist KC Green returns to pair up with the amazing Allison Strejlau for another collection of hijinks based on the Cartoon Network animated comedy Also featuring stand alone stories by Andy Hirsch The Royal Historian of Oz Rachel Connor Regular Show Hydration and Regular Show storyboard artist writer and voice of Eileen Minty Lewis Collects issues

Invader Zim, Book #2

Invader Zim Book

Volume of the hit comic series based on the hit Nickelodeon TV show INVADER ZIM starts off with a BANG I mean a BANK As ZIM takes on the immense task of getting a business loan From there things get steadily worse Then better then worse yet again In this collection ZIM will face foes like those never seen before And also Dib But everyone s seen Dib before

Gunshow Superbook One - PDF | ePUB | PDB | Audio books | Kindle
Collecting the out of print volumes and Gunshow Superbook One is an omnibus containing gunshow comics from to the end of Also includes much much older gunshow comics from when it was a mini comic series Plus unused comics Also contains ALT TEXT Oh my god Why is this book so big who allowed this to happen What are we going to do Gunshow Superbook One books by K.C. Green

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