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Sexual Assault and Abuse: Sociocultural Context of Prevention

Prevention of a chronic societal problem such as sexual victimization requires looking beyond individuals to the systemic factors that maintain the problem Sexual Assault and Abuse addresses the need to change social and cultural beliefs and practices that permit the sexual victimization of women and children Potential rapists and victims are viewed within the context of the social and cultural factors that shape sexual behavior The book discusses rape prevention approaches ranging from changing individuals and groups to changing the social and cultural factors that permit and promote sexual victimization Research in the social sciences in education and in the media documents the promise as well as the problems with efforts to change social and cultural beliefs and practices to create a sexually safe society Sexual Assault and Abuse integrates recent advances in research on sexual assault and prevention into strategies to prevent sexual victimization with a focus on the role of sociocultural factors In Sexual Assault and Abuse editor Carolyn F Swift brings together authors who thoughtfully examine the perpetrators and victims of sexual assault abuse in an effort to change or obliterate sociocultural factors which maintain or promote this behavior Topics covered include br the sociocultural context of sexual assault abuse br the need to develop multiple level prevention programs br development of sexually abusive behavior in men and boys br the relationship between pornography and sexual assault abuse br the need for culturally sensitive prevention programs br the significance of sexual revictimization in the lives of African American women br an ecological approach to the prevention of sexual harassment br utilization of social science research to develop public policy on pornography br use of public information campaigns to prevent intrafamilial child sexual abuse within Hispanic familiesSexual Assault and Abuse identifies sociocultural risks associated with sexual assault abuse and explores ways to reduce these risks from a prevention perspective for diverse populations Risks addressed include gender inequities pornography worksites hostile to women previous victimization in African American females sexist and racist beliefs and media violence against women Prevention programs range from interventions to stop the development of sexually abusive behavior in boys and men through programs that take account of ethnic diversity in language history and culture to those that promote empowerment of women By addressing the environmental context in which sexual assault occurs the authors in Sexual Assault and Abuse broaden their focus to incorporate both potential perpetrators and potential victims in an ecological perspective which permits new approaches to prevention This book is of special interest and value to academics and practitioners of psychology psychiatry and social work therapists and counselors women s studies professionals sociologists anthropologists feminists rape crisis center staff and volunteers and battered women center staff and volunteers


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From Children to Red Hatters: Diverse Images and Issues of Play

The Association for the Study of Play TASP is the sponsor of this eighth volume in the Play amp Culture Studies series TASP is a professional group of researchers who study play The focus of this eighth volume of the Play amp Culture Studies series is on how play takes many forms as it cuts across species ages and cultures The articles in this volume present current theoretical and empirical research on play and culture from a variety of disciplines including psychology education animal studies and sociology Applications to practice and policy implications are presented as well Volume continues the tradition of the Play amp Culture series by presenting a view of play that is broad in scope both in terms of the subjects of study and the ways in which researchers approach the study of these diverse forms of play