Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy: The Footprints of a Gigantic Mind

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Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Mission Accomplished or Mission Frakked Up?

Amid the suffocating for of conformity that descended over America following only one voice was able to reach the masses with honest commentary about the war on terror and the profound moral dilemmas involved in invasion occupation and resistance This was the rebound TV science fiction series Battlestar Galactica br br Who counts as human Is killing an intelligent non human murder or garbage disposal Can we really know who we are until we know what we are Battlestar Galactica confronts the reality of the twenty first century world system where any one of us may discover at any moment that we are not what we thought we were that our identity has been fragmented corrupted lost stolen or deleted br br Battlestar Galactica has been hailed by Time magazine and other critics as the smartest and most thought provoking show on television As well as thoughtful analysis of every aspect of the saga Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy provides abundant background information and looks at every report from the Battlestar Galactica universe all three TV series the movie Razor webisodes novels comics video games and fanfic

Anime and Philosophy: Wide Eyed Wonder

i Anime and Philosophy i focuses on some of the most loved most intriguing anime films and series as well as lesser known works to find what lies at their core i Astro Boy Dragon Ball Z Ghost in the Shell i and i Spirited Away i are just a few of the films analyzed in this book In these stories about monsters robots children and spirits who grapple with the important questions in life we find insight crucial to our times lessons on morality justice and heroism as well as meditations on identity the soul and the meaning or meaninglessness of life Anime has become a worldwide phenomenon reaching across genres mediums and cultures For those wondering why so many people love anime or for die hard fans who want to know more i Anime and Philosophy i provides a deeper appreciation of the art and storytelling of this distinctive Japanese culture

Manga and Philosophy: Fullmetal Metaphysician

Arguably the most important pop culture import from the East to the West manga is a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored Yet just as much as it is a source of visual splendor and riveting storylines manga i the i herald of the exotic and ber hip stimulates intense philosophical interest Drawing from Japanese art traditions influenced by the impact of World War II and a significant player in cross cultural exchange manga has rapidly become a literary force worldwide Readers of all ages eagerly await the next installment of their favorite manga series and delight in discovering new titles i Manga and Philosophy i joins the lively discussion about manga by examining some of its major forms i lolicon i to i shonen i to i shojo i best titles i Death Note i to i Space Battleship Yamato i to i Gunslinger Girl i and the cultural factors surrounding it Can demons be good Is it morally wrong to sexualize schoolgirls What do giant robots teach us about the ethics of war All of these questions and more are dealt with professionally and accessibly making i Manga and Philosophy i all but indispensable for fans and scholars alike

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Independent Filmmaking

Designed for people who want to tell a story their way The Complete Idiot s Guide to Indpendent Filmmaking explains everything a budding auteur needs to know from literary development and financial and organizational pre production to principal photography production post production assembly exhibition and distribution and more The advent of desktop editing and a wide range of consumer cameras enable the average person to create a film studio at homne A great textbook for novice filmmakers whether film students or on their own auteurs The proliferation of film festivals around the world many of which encourage submissions from amateur filmmakers shows that there are countless filmmakers who aren t learning the ropes in school Author has terrific credentials and has a feature length script in development in Hollywood

Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers

Don t restrict your creative property to one media channel Make the essential leap to transmedia br br From film to television to games and beyond Storytelling Across Worlds gives you the tools to weave a narrative universe across multiple platforms and meet the insatiable demand of today s audience for its favorite creative property br br This the first primer in the field for both producers and writers teaches you how to br br Employ film television games novels comics and the web to build rich and immersive transmedia narratives br br Create writing and production bibles for transmedia property br br Monetize your stories across separate media channels br br Manage transmedia brands marketing and rights br br Work effectively with writers and producers in different areas of production br br Engage audiences with transmedia storytelling br br Up to date examples of current transmedia and cross media properties accompany each chapter and highlight this hot but sure to be enduring topic in modern media