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Title:Canterbury Tales
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Author:Geoffrey Chaucer, Bob French
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Category:Poetry, Classics, School, Short stories, Historical fiction, Classic literature

Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, Bob French

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Canterbury Tales On a spring day in April sometime in the waning years of the th century travelers set out for Canterbury on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Thomas Beckett Among them is a knight a monk a prioress a plowman a miller a merchant a clerk and an oft widowed wife from Bath Travel is arduous and wearing to maintain their spirits this band of pilgrims entertains each other with a series of tall tales that span the spectrum of literary genres Five hundred years later people are still reading Geoffrey Chaucer s i Canterbury Tales i If you haven t yet made the acquaintance of the Franklin the Pardoner or the Squire because you never learned Middle English take heart this edition of the i Tales i has been translated into modern idiom p From the heroic romance of The Knight s Tale to the low farce embodied in the stories of the Miller the Reeve and the Merchant Chaucer treated such universal subjects as love sex and death in poetry that is simultaneously witty insightful and poignant i The Canterbury Tales i is a grand tour of th century English mores and morals one that modern day readers will enjoy p

The Canterbury Tales

p The procession that crosses Chaucer s pages is as full of life and as richly textured as a medieval tapestry The Knight the Miller the Friar the Squire the Prioress the Wife of Bath and others who make up the cast of characters including Chaucer himself are real people with human emotions and weaknesses When it is remembered that Chaucer wrote in English at a time when Latin was the standard literary language across western Europe the magnitude of his achievement is even more remarkable But Chaucer s genius needs no historical introduction it bursts forth from every page of i The Canterbury Tales i br br If we trust the General Prologue Chaucer intended that each pilgrim should tell two tales on the way to Canterbury and two tales on the way back He never finished his enormous project and even the completed tales were not finally revised Scholars are uncertain about the order of the tales As the printing press had yet to be invented when Chaucer wrote his works The Canterbury Tales has been passed down in several handwritten manuscripts p

The Riverside Chaucer

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Troilus and Criseyde

Set against the epic backdrop of the battle of Troy Troilus and Criseyde is an evocative story of love and loss When Troilus the son of Priam falls in love with the beautiful Criseyde he is able to win her heart with the help of his cunning uncle Pandarus and the lovers experience a brief period of bliss together But the pair are soon forced apart by the inexorable tide of war and despite their oath to remain faithful Troilus is ultimately betrayed Regarded by many as the greatest love poem of the Middle Ages Troilus and Criseyde skilfully combines elements of comedy and tragedy to form an exquisite meditation on the fragility of romantic love and the fallibility of humanity

Chanticleer and the Fox

King of the barnyard Chanticleer struts about all day When a fox bursts into his domain dupes him into crowing and then grabs him in a viselike grip Chanticleer must do some quick thinking to save himself and his barnyard kingdom

The Canterbury Tales: Nine Tales and the General Prologue: Authoritative Text, Sources and Backgrounds, Criticism

Here are tales told by members from all parts of English society of the th century reflecting on life as they travel the road from Southwark to Canterbury

The Wife of Bath

Adopted at more than colleges and universities Bedford St Martin s innovative i Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism i series has introduced more than a quarter of a million students to literary theory and earned enthusiastic praise nationwide Along with an authoritative text of a major literary work each volume presents critical essays selected or prepared especially for students that approach the work from several contemporary critical perspectives such as gender criticism and cultural studies Each essay is accompanied by an introduction with bibliography to the history principles and practice of its critical perspective Every volume also surveys the biographical historical and critical contexts of the literary work and concludes with a glossary of critical terms New editions reprint cultural documents that contextualize the literary works and feature essays that show how critical perspectives can be combined

The Canterbury Tales, and Other Poems

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The Canterbury Tales: Fifteen Tales and the General Prologue

Each is presented in the original language with normalized spelling and substantial annotations for modern readers Among the new added to the Second Edition are the much requested Merchant s Tale and the Tale of Sir Thopas Sources and Backgrounds are included for the General Prologue and for most of the tales enabling students to understandThe Canterbury Tales in light of relevant medieval ideas and attitudes and inviting comparison between Chaucer s work and his sources Criticism includes nine essays four of them new to this edition by leading Chaucerians among them F R H DuBoulay E Talbot Donaldson Barbara Nolani and Lee Patterson A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included

The Miller's Prologue and Tale

A well established and respected series Texts are in the original Middle English and each has an introduction detailed notes and a glossary Selected titles are also available as CD recordings

Dream Visions and Other Poems

Contexts connects the poems to their classical and medieval foundations and includes works by Virgil Ovid Cicero Boethius Dante and Boccaccio among others From the wealth of scholarly work available the editor has chosen for Criticism six essays that address the poems central themes Contributors include Charles Muscatine A C Spearing R T Lenaghan Richard Firth Green Elaine Tuttle Hansen and Steven Kruger A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included

Chanticleer and the Fox, The Wife of Bath, The Canterbury Tales, and Other Poems, The Canterbury Tales: Nine Tales and the General Prologue: Authoritative Text, Sources and Backgrounds, Criticism, The Canterbury Tales: Fifteen Tales and the General Prologue, Troilus and Criseyde, The Miller's Prologue and Tale, The Canterbury Tales, Dream Visions and Other Poems, The Riverside Chaucer